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Art-n-Orbit is an art and science program that focuses on children’s creative spirit while they learn the fundamentals of art and science.

Children are innately creative and willing to learn. Art-n-Orbit taps into this with projects that are exciting and educational. Reading about a volcano may be interesting, but creating their own and making it erupt is fun! - a demonstration is worth a thousand words. We get kids involved in the creation, we capture their interest. By capturing their interest, we help them have a basic understanding of the science behind the project. We can teach children how to make a spaceship light up, how to make their helicopter propeller spin or what happens when baking soda meets vinegar.

Art-n-Orbit explores physics, earth science and chemistry while using art mediums and recycled materials in new and unusual ways.  By incorporating projects about sound, motion, the five senses, animals, space, electricity, light, weather (and much more), with eye-catching media, children let their imaginations flow and come up with amazing results. All of our projects appeal to both boys and girls, so they get equal opportunity to learn more about science and art.

Every experiment or project that we do has our own unique stamp on it!

Michael Krevlin is the owner and operator of Art-n-Orbit New York. He has an MBA from Columbia University and brings a creative force honed from his many years in the music industry. Michael draws much of his passion and energy for the business from his boy/girl twin rocket scientists.

Liz Hollon is the founder of Art-n-Orbit. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has been an art therapist and child educator for over 15 years. She has exhibited her own artwork on both the east and west coasts, has been a puppet creator and children’s book illustrator. Liz is the mom of daughter Skyla.